jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!! 4th Grade

Hello everybody!

During this week Maya is telling us things about how they celebrate Thanksgiving in United States.

We made some beautiful Thanksgiving Turkeys. 

Do you like them??

4th Grade Students

Natural Science: The flower


This week we learnt the parts of the flower in English. 
Have a look to these wonderful works we did in Arts&Crafts for the 
"Plants project" !


This week we have celebrated Thanksgiving day. Look at our cool Thanksgiving turkeys!

Watch this interesting story about Thanksgiving day: 

And listen to the Thanksgiving song:

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2018

Inspirational People exposition

Hello again!

Great artists have inspired us this month !! Have a look to our exposition in the school hall!!

We hope you enjoy our work.

1st grade : Arcimboldo. Look at these fantastic portraits with fruits and vegetables!!

2nd grade: Picasso. Our guitars and self-portraits are so crazy!

3rd grade: Miró. Our "Rooster" versions are really exciting!!

4th grade: Van Gogh. What a wonderful flowers and bedrooms!

5th grade: Dalí. This fantastic animals are amazing. Look at them!

6th grade: Andy Warhol. These self-portraits are so creative!!

Come and enjoy our exposition !!